Discover what our clients are saying about the value we provide.

“I am so grateful for all you taught me. Your coaching made a huge impact on me and my team. As we approach $20 million in sales, compared to $4 million when I was in your program, I truly believe the growth was only possible because of the systems and ideas that you helped us implement. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
- Ann John, CEO | Desert Services International

“If you want transformational change for yourself or company, Dale can help you attain it. His exceptional coaching and passion for helping others achieve the impossible makes the journey as rewarding as the destination.”
- Vice President, Information Technology

“Dale's coaching has been phenomenal. He helped me recognize my blind spots and provided tools that enabled me to take my performance to the next level. I am now a multiplier of talent versus a diminisher. Employee engagement scores in my division have increased 34%.”
- General Manager, Technology Manufacturing

“The Dare to Excel Workshop helped me fix my life. I am more organized and have learned to identify and eliminate self-imposed obstacles. My personal confidence has greatly increased.”
- Participant, Dare to Excel Workshop

“Dale is an excellent instructor – his classes were the best of the entire program. His facilitation techniques are remarkable. Now, I realize how vitally important culture is to achieving business success. Also, I am inspired to strengthen my resolve to be a more effective leader.”
- Owner, Video Production Company

“Dale Halm Consulting’s EXCEL FORUM was instrumental in getting my leadership skills honed and bringing into focus what matters most. Dale's teachings and dynamic learning activities dramatically improved not only my performance but the performance of those I lead.”
- President, Industrial Services Company

“Dale influenced senior leaders to adapt an innovative model of collaboration and taught our workforce new skills that contributed considerably to our record-setting factory startup; a $2.5 billion investment. Dale transcends theory; he provides practical solutions."
- Director, Industrial Engineering

“Dale Halm Consulting has turbo charged the growth of my company. His persistence on being 100% accountable enabled me to dramatically increase my focus on driving business results. From 2017 to 2018, my revenue increased 67%. BOOM!”
- President, Consumer Products

“This experience is life changing. The Dare to Excel Workshop taught me let go of self-doubt and show up with a bias for action versus always over analyzing things.”
- Participant, Dare to Excel Workshop

“Dale and I collaborated on a major intervention with our executive team. He designed and delivered a leadership program that many of our senior leaders said was the best training and coaching process they had ever experienced.”
- Global Director, Human Resources

“You helped me realize what kind of company I really wanted and let go of the dream land company I thought I wanted. With your assistance, I pushed myself past my comfort zone and have gone after five-year contracts and won them. You are an amazing teacher and coach, but most of all, someone who can really change a person’s life.”
- President/CEO, Procurement Services

“As a result of Dale Halm Consulting’s EXCEL FORUM, I was able to revamp my entire business model allowing me to grow and market my business in a highly efficient manner. I attribute this growth to the rigorous goal setting and accountability provided in this forum.”
- President, Seeker Solutions

“Dale’s delivery method allowed me to internalize key concepts. He created the perfect climate that enabled each of us to stretch our comfort zones. His training on high performance culture exceeded my expectations 100%.”
- Materials Manager, Semiconductor Manufacturing

“Thank you for your support of the transformation process, especially for your outstanding job on the delivery of the teamwork program. You have made an impact on so many people. I take great pride in the awesome things we are accomplishing."
- Vice President, Supply Chain

“Dale’s outstanding career coaching enabled me to clarify my career objectives and inspired me to take bold actions. As a result, I accepted a position with a new company that offers me the opportunity to maximize my talent with a significant salary increase.”
- Director, Hospitality Technology

“The tools provided in the Dare to Excel Workshop enabled me to change my thought patterns (habit loops). This has been a huge help personally and professionally. It has shown me how be a more successful leader.”
- Participant, Dare to Excel Workshop