These programs are for those who want to attain a higher level of excellence and self-fulfillment. They desire to positively impact the circumstances of their lives and achieve extraordinary results.


WHAT – A unique three-part transformative learning experience designed to dramatically increase your leadership capability and personal effectiveness. Participants are expected to attend all three sessions.

WHY – Create a renewed sense of purpose and a far greater ability to accomplish things that previously seemed unobtainable.

  • Show up boldly in the daily course of life and work. Focus on what matters most.
  • Think and act in more powerful ways by breaking-through whatever is holding you back.
  • Instead of reacting, increase your ability to generate new possibilities.

WHEN – Next offering, the Fall of 2021.
Session I – Personal Mastery . . .
Session II – Maximizing Influence . . .
Session III – Producing Results . . .

WHERE – ASU Sky Song Innovation Center, Scottsdale, AZ.

HOW – Each session runs for one day, 7:30 am to 5:00 pm.

TESTIMONIALS – Participant’s comments about the workshop.

  • “The workshop was life changing. Gaining new perspectives changes everything. It taught me to let go of self-doubt and go after the things I genuinely want in life.”
  • “This experience enabled me to redefine what’s possible for living a life of excellence. In three short months, my personal growth skyrocketed.”


WHAT – A five-week online mastermind group that tests your assumptions about what it means to excel. This is not a webinar. It is a point-blank challenge to be your personal best.

HOW – Each 90-minute session explores critical elements of personal effectiveness using field-tested techniques that accelerate human performance. During each gathering you will set goals, receive peer coaching, and immediately apply learning’s to both your personal and work life. Between sessions, participants will engage in 1:1 coaching meetings with program facilitators.

SESSIONS – Conducted via Zoom Conferencing:
3:00 pm to 4:30 pm PST.

Session 1: The Power of Intention
What matters most, being choice-driven.

Session 2: Structure for Success
Deploying efficiency rituals, life by milestones.

Session 3: Maniacal Focus
Being relentless, mastering one day at a time.

Session 4: Bias for Bold Action
Deep-sixing hesitation, exploiting your passion.

Session 5: Self-Monitoring
Transformative questions that evoke courage.