2020 Dare to Excel Workshop

This workshop is for those who want to attain a higher level of excellence. They seek a deeper sense of fulfillment. They desire to increase their capacity to influence others and positively impact the circumstances of their lives. Producing extraordinary results is the game they want to play.

Dare to Excel is a unique transformative learning experience designed to dramatically increase your leadership capability and personal effectiveness. This three-part workshop will be conducted in Phoenix, Arizona in the first quarter of 2020.

Create a renewed sense of purpose and a far greater ability to accomplish things that previously seemed unobtainable.

  • Show up boldly in the daily course of life and work.
  • Think and act in more powerful and productive ways.
  • Create breakthroughs in whatever is holding you back.
  • Instead of reacting, increase your ability to generate new possibilities.

Session I – Personal Mastery . . . January 10/2020
Session II – Maximizing Influence . . . February 7/2020
Session III – Producing Results . . . March 13/2020

Sky-Song Innovation Center, Scottsdale, AZ.

Each session runs for one day, 7:30 am to 5:00 pm. Attendees are expected to engage in passionate discussions, experiential learning activities, provide peer feedback and speak from the heart. The expectation is that participants will be on-time, refrain from using electronic devices during the workshop and be totally present (no stepping out to make calls, etc.).

The workshop is facilitated by Dale Halm and Ron Sacchi who together have 40+ years of experience delivering transformational learning programs (to learn more about their backgrounds click on the “OUR TEAM” tab on this website’s home page).